Mission & Philosophy


Holy Family School is committed to the four-fold purpose of Catholic education: message, community, service, and worship.  We are a community helping each student achieve his/her optimum potential.  While integrating Catholic doctrine and worship with superior academic education, our students experience the living person of Jesus through the gospels and develop the skills needed to become flourishing and contributing adults.  We reach out to our families and to our community, building respect for all through service and witness of faith-filled beliefs.


Holy Family is a catalyst of Catholic education committed to developing faith-filled children just as Mary and Joseph nurtured the Son of God.  Rooted in our Catholic faith, we foster spiritual development, academic excellence, responsibility to self, and service to others.  We strive to deepen the faith of our students through the gospel message and celebration of the sacraments, liturgical worship, and scripture study which, through the Holy Spirit, are the source of wisdom and truth.  The gospels provide the students the knowledge to live their lives as Jesus taught us.  Working and worshiping together, the pastor, principal, teachers, parents and parishioners create a community where Catholic ideals and values through academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences enabling them to flourish in their spiritual, academic, and social life.  Following the teachings of Christ, we believe that we come to serve.  We are all empowered and capable of transforming the world through service to school, parish, and beyond.