At the heart and soul of Holy Family School lies the strong foundation it builds in faith formation while providing excellence in all areas of academic pursuit.

We are an accredited institution through the Illinois State Board of Education and the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.  Our facility encompasses kindergarten through grade eight with preschool for children ages 3 & 4.

The curriculum at Holy Family School (Grades K-8) provides excellence in all subject areas while integrating Christian principles.  The Holy Family School Curriculum Standards have been approved on an annual basis by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Office of Catechesis in the Diocese of Springfield.  Holy Family School standards are reviewed on a continual basis.  The Curriculum includes Religion, Reading, Math (including Algebra, Pre-algebra, Geometry), Science, English, Social Studies, U.S. History, Civics, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health, Penmanship, Spelling, Phonics, and Computer/Technology.

ACADEMIC ADVANTAGE: In addition to the core curriculum, students have access to a Degreed Resource Teacher, Computers, IXL for Math and ELA, News ELA, Advanced Math, Spelling Bee, Honor Roll (Gr. 4-8), Science Fair, Member of Illinois Junior Academy of Science, Departmental Grades 5-8 and Title 1, & Speech Services.