Holy Family Pre-K

Holy Family Pre-K offers preschool, daycare, and before and after school care for the parish community.  Our preschool program is designed to provide for individual differences in learning styles, and endeavor to assist children in attaining independence and positive self-attitudes.  Children completing the preschool program learn all of the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.  In addition, the students have opportunities for expanded learning in the field of Science and an introduction to the Spanish language.  Enrolling your child at Holy Family Pre-K is a great beginning to their educational journey and building a firm foundation for the transition to Holy Family School for K-8.


Your child will have many opportunities to learn in the following ways:

  • Creative Arts: painting, drawing, crafts, music, singing & dancing and dramatic play.
  • Sensory Play: water, snow and sand.
  • Gross Motor Skills: large muscle development through physical exercise, tumbling, use of balls, blocks, wheel toys, balance beam, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: small muscle development through the use of drawing tools, crayons, chalk, scissors, puzzles, and manipulatives.
  • Cognitive Development: through language skills, sensory perception, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Socio-emotional Development: acquisition of positive self-concepts and awareness of responsibility to self and others through individual, small and large group experiences.
  • Perpetual Skills: visual and sensory.


Children in both age groups will have the advantage of additional learning opportunities.  Mrs. Cindy Meredith, Holy Family School Middle School Science Teacher, brings science curriculum to the preschool twice weekly during the school year, as well as during the summer for Kids on the Go.  Once a week, the children learn the basis of the Spanish Language with Dr. Cathy Webb.